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Point-of-Entry (POE) System

Point of Entry (POE) - Essential for Your Entire Household

Will you use muddy, rusty water from your faucet?

Why POE is essential to your family/ home or offices?

Due to old piping, leaking and illegal connections along its distribution networks, incoming water is somewhat contaminated.

With POE system filtration system, all incoming water will be filtered for your entire family cleaning, washing, bathing and laundry.

Advantages of POE

  • Chlorine Free water for shower, food rinsing;
  • Mud Free, Rust Free Crystal clear water;
  • Minimizes in house pipe clotting;
  • Very Economical by simply back washing it;
  • Easy maintenance, anybody could do it.

Your option for POE

High Capacity,  
Maintenance Cost is Low, the filter is washable. With fast water flow