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Comparison between used and new filters

Would you use your body to filter these?

The water that comes out of our plants supposedly safe and potable. It is channeled into our homes via several hundreds of kilometers of drains and pipelines. However, water may be somehow contaminated due to old piping, illegal connections, leaks and intrusions

What causes water contamination in distribution?

  • Leaks in the pipes. Soil and groundwater may seep into leaking pipes especially when the pressure is low.
  • Rust in old pipes. Rust often gives the water a reddish or yellow stain.
  • Booster pump. The use of booster pumps creates more pressure in the pipes. This pressure can suck dirt into the pipes and contaminate inhouse water.
  • Illegal connections. These connections are not well constructed and will cause soil and mud to seep in.
  • Badly maintained tanks and water storage facilities. These are breeding grounds for serious contaminants so it is important that you clean your tanks regularly